Childress Regional Medical Center received 5 Star Patient Satisfaction from Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services


Area residents identified the need for local dialysis treatments through the annual community assessment survey process.  Dialysis was one of the most requested patient services every year.

The dialysis facility were constructed and leased to a national dialysis provider.  For more than a decade, the center was owned and operated by that provider.  When the company decided to leave Childress, hospital directors knew the service was too valuable to discontinue so the hospital district obtained licensure to operate an independent dialysis center.

For the past 6 years, CRMC has provided local hemodialysis treatments for area ESRD patients.  The dialysis center has 10 individual stations designed for the comfort of each patient and offers treatments on Monday, Wednesday and Friday every week.

Medical direction is provided by Dr. Ashvin Patel of Wichita Falls.  Dr. Patel works with local physicians and a professional staff to make sure ESRD patients receive the highest quality care available.

For additional information or to find out about options available for you or your family member, call CRMC Dialysis Service at 940)937-7099.