Everyone at CRMC loves babies! And it shows in the way we help welcome them into the world.

The LDRP center at Childress Regional features family oriented care in a private, specially designed hospital unit. There’s room for Mom, Dad, big brothers and sisters, close friends, and even grandparents to be part of the celebration.

  • 6 large, comfortably furnished suites allow mothers to labor, deliver and recover in the same room
  • LDRP rooms are adjacent to the surgery suite in the event a cesarean section delivery is required.
  • A professional nursing staff is readily available to help in every way they can.
  • The latest in medical technology, equipment and knowledge is included.
  • Epidural obstetrical anesthesia is available 24/7
  • An advanced security system to ensure the safety of newborns
  • Little things that make the hospital room seem more like home

Mothers are encouraged to keep their newborns in a bassinet next to her bed throughout their stay but when Mom needs to rest or baby needs special attention, there is a fully equipped nursery in the unit, and nurses standing by to help. New babies are never far away. All our LDRP nurses are trained to help new mothers learn all about caring for a newborn, from feeding to bathing and everything in between.

We know having a baby is one of life’s most special, wonderful and cherished moments. We want to help your family make it everything it is meant to be.

For more information, contact Kyla Nelson, RN, at 940-937-6371. Or e-mail her at knelson@childresshospital.com.

At CRMC, We Deliver.